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Sober Village is built specifically for it's sober members. Our goal is to provide our members with as many resources as possible to help them in finding, maintaining, and sharing in their sobriety. Some of our resources are:

Sober Chat: Our sober chat room is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week so that anyone looking for sober community can find other sober members to talk to whenever they need it.

Sober Forum: Sometimes a conversation needs to be finished later. Our sober forum is just for that. Check in any time and talk about continuing topics. Check in daily and share about your sobriety.

Sober Events: Our sober events section is a place where members of the sober community can share their events, parties, meetings, and other things they want to share with everyone. You don't always have to meet up, you can set up virtual meet ups in the chat room, or just commemorate global or national events like earth day :)



Sober Village is a sober community for people looking for a way to reach out to other sober people and 12 step fellowships.

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