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Smokin Sober blues-rocker moving back to Vancouver from Victoria  .           

Finishing off my first recorded album and hoping to connect with sober female and                male musicians, filmmakers and pool players in southern British Columbia, preferably  Vancouver or surrounding area.

smoky nicotine-free rehearsals. football tossing, card tossing and fancy chef's                          salad tossing will occur between rehearsal sets and recording sessions.  No BC                 interior bar tour needed in 21st Century. We can rule online and the music channels                and local Vancouver-Victoria-Nanaimo gigs of all sizes. Cross                country maybe with 2nd album when we can rate the arenas. Half an album already      recorded. Time to do a vid for the first single as soon as we meet and find harmony.

Then while it's causing a buzz on tv and online we can finish recording the album and             start shooting another vid. there will be serious tantalyzing torsos, heads attached, for              the singing and dancing. clothing could be scarce at times. the camera doesn't like me as              much as it used to pretend to. this act needs heat. the musicality and songs, rockin',                 but also in one or three of the players is a star performer waiting to emerge on the musical           stage and screen. Your wardrobe won't need a malfunction to be sexy but you'll sing                    -possibly back up, more if you want- and when not dancing, play an instrument.

Anyway at the radio stations we'll most often do a sexy little song if they want                  us to, which will become part of our trademark.  Most songs, certainly when performed            in concert will be rock and roll sexy or even blues sexy a la Zep as opposed to dreamy,  supersweet pop culture sexy.  We'll be creating our own culture anyway won't we, a new, exciting sober culture keeping the peaceful sixties vibe going long as we can.


 it takes a sober village to raise a.....sober....child  so speaking of  hot talented musicians ready                                                  to flirt with the camera, where are the sober, cannabis-friendly                                                     females? i don't care whether you smoke joints or eat hash                                            brownies with me and the other gals and guys in the band,

but step forward today request a recording or some lyrics                                                     from me and let's get together to help create the change, make                                                   a global                                         difference. it's time for you to help me, Please, to set an example                                      without booze and other hard drugs. It's not about drunk driving                                             because if you're too drunk to drive you're too drunk to be in                                              charge of children or the elderly. Who speaks out for the abused?   

You like women too? deluxe. or not, cool. it's all great.                                                       Sober Party Smokz.       longer, harder.       peace.      Tanner

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Hey man, I'm in So Cal, USA, but hope you find some people to hang with. make sure to post some photos or embed some videos if you find some people to rock out with.

yes, thanks, sober musicians so we can stay together and share strength. cool that it's easier to remember all the fun you had when you only share herb and laughter and you can party longer and harder in and out of the sack and remember every delicious detail with no hurling and no hangover.

don't know how many times i'll be able to log on here as i'm filing, recycling, lightening my burden of possessions and looking for a place to move in a few months   Sober Party Rocks      peace  jt




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